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HFL twinning with Netherlands Hockey Federation (KNHB)

Hockey Federation Luxembourg (HFL) has been selected by European Hockey Federation (EHF) to be part of its Twinning Program. This program consists of two years of collaboration and learning between a young hockey federation and an experienced hockey club. This year Netherlands Hockey Federation (KNHB) is the major contributor to the EHF initiative and Dutch clubs have been selected to collaborate with European hockey federations.

We are pleased to announce HFL is twinning with the Dutch club HV Weert. HV Weert is located in the south east of the Netherlands, in the province of Limburg. University students founded the club in 1930. The club now counts 730 members and proposes competitive as well as leisure hockey. HV Weert has more than 50 teams, amongst youth, adults and veterans groups. They play on a regional as well as on a top national level.

The Twinning Program and collaboration with HV Weert will be a major step forward for HFL and will help us reach a higher level of hockey in Luxembourg at all levels, supporting the promotion, development and growth of our sport. HFL will strive to better its organization by learning from the expertise and experience of our partner, HV Weert.

The program consists in exchange visits in the Netherlands and in Luxembourg to share ideas and experience the organization and day-to-day life of the partner in real life. More frequent video conferencing will be organized as well as direct communication.

Following a first meeting between HV Weert and HFL representatives, a program will be worked out around three key areas for our organization:

1- Sport policy and coaching strategy;

2- Youth development plan, volunteer enrollment and membership growth;

3- Social life and club culture.

During the course of the program we will also work on common tournaments for youth and adults, technical clinics, trainer collaboration and umpiring.

The willingness to extend the two years Twinning Program collaboration to a friendly and long-term relationship between HV Weert and HFL has been commonly expressed by both parties.

The HFL team leading the project is headed by Ignacio Gomez-Acebo, sports director, together with Jimena Perez, social life coordinator, and Ivan Bouillot, youth coordinator.

HV Weert team is composed of Manon Eijsvogel, coach, trainer and project manager, Natasja Princen, Board member and team manager, and René Eijsvogel, coach and trainer.

We thank the EHF, KNHB and HV Weert for supporting HFL. We are looking forward to work and develop strong relationships with HV Weert at all levels.

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