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Day 5 - A heartbreak and a huge pride

What to say?

What should we say? That we have learned? That we tried again and blah blah blah? No...

What would we want to say to our boys, rather, especially?

That we are proud of them. That we are in awe. Of their performance, of their behavior, of their courage, of their fighting spirit, of their incredible evolution since Sunday. They still managed to surpass themselves, to apply new tactical plans to always try to find solutions to improve...

We also want to thank them for what they gave us today. Energy, dreams, hope, tears of joy and sadness shared with them. Our boys did not deserve such a cruel end. Neither in terms of sport, nor for what they left on the field. But sport and life are sometimes like that and you have to be able to accept it to bounce back and start again, again and again...

We congratulate them for what they showed today. They scored 3 wonderful goals and conceded one too many, despite dominating most of the game. They took their responsibilities, found their game, became aware of their real capacities. This is already a great victory in itself!

They finally said it all in their post-game interviews: the disappointment is huge, but they have nothing to reproach themselves, no regrets to have. The desire to come back on the field to finish in beauty is intact!

Let's meet tomorrow at 14.30 for new adventures with this fantastic group! Thanks again to all of you for your support and your words!

With love,

The 🇱🇺 Dream team

(by Maxime Haflants)

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