Fair play

"It was with sport that I learned everything I know about ethics" A. Camus


Fair play is a sports concept, but it is applied worldwide today in many different ways. Learning fair play behaviour in sport does also lead to the development and reinforcement of a fair play and ethical behavior outside the pitch which is an invaluable asset in life.


Hockey is fast, has a high level of skills involved and has really great norms and values to offer. Shaking hands before and after the game and sharing your thoughts on the match played, together with your opponents, is common practice.

Being yourself, getting the best out of yourself and especially having fun in hockey, that is what everyone wants, regardless of religion, background, skin color or sexual preference.


Sportsmanship & Respect, that's what the Hockey Federation Luxembourg offers and we are very proud of that. Hockey embodies fair-play and, as such, is an example for many other sports.

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