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European Tournament: Day 1 arriving in Zagreb

After a long and early trip (thanks to the parents for their courage!), we arrived in Zagreb, at the hotel Laguna. Its somewhat doubtful charm contrasts with the very good quality of the food and finally all the necessary comfort to rest and spend a good time with friends outside the games. Lockdeep and Greg playing perfectly their role of conductor to make sure that everything was organized in the best way and taking nice pictures to immortalize our memories...

We took the time to settle down, to regain our strength (isn't it Pierre? 😉😉) and to fully enter our tournament. At 4pm, the team met in the meeting room to discuss our intentions in the competition. The players and the staff were unanimous : we are aiming for the gold medal and we will do everything we can to achieve it! Everyone was able to express themselves, know their strengths and their role from a personal point of view as well as for the good of the whole team. The energy clearly went up another notch, presaging a great first training session.

At 5:30 pm, we headed out onto the field, which we had to discover and get to grips with. After getting lost a dozen times 🤣🤣, we finally found it! It suits our style of play perfectly : fast and not very bouncy. We worked on our fundamentals: basics, game schemes, pc... The players practiced for almost 2 hours, focused, applied, intense! Everyone was involved, fit and ready for the challenge! What a pleasure for the staff to guide such a motivated and talented team!

Back at the hotel, we had dinner in a good mood. Exhausted by the emotions experienced after this first long day, the boys went to their rooms for their recovery session (ice bath for blood circulation, stretching and finally well-deserved rest).

This morning, everyone is focused on the most difficult match of the week against Switzerland! They are clearly the team to beat in this tournament. We are ready for the fight and impatient to start the match (scheduled at 16.45). Thank you to all the parents for your support. We all feel you te be behind us during the game! We are thinking of you.

With love,

The LU U19 dream team 💪🏽🏑

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