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EuroHockey Championship in Zagreb, 19-24 July - The match schedule

Luxembourg U19 Boys will take part in the EuroHockey Championship in Zagreb, from 19-24 July.

Here is the list of the 17 players called for the preparation camp in July(5-16) and the tournament:

  • Louis Collignon (Royal Leopold Club)

  • Guillaume Mackel (HCLuxembourg)

  • Maxime Labranche (Arlon HC)

  • Leopold Abts (Arlon HC)

  • Pavel Singh (HCLuxembourg)

  • Rafael Bouillot (HCLuxembourg)

  • Leopold Krampe (HCLuxembourg)

  • Arthur Wittamer (Arlon HC)

  • Milan Singh (HCLuxembourg)

  • Amin Nabhan (HCLuxembourg)

  • Pierre Mackel (HCLuxembourg)

  • Oscar Lutgen (Arlon HC)

  • Emilian Ulitzka (HCLuxembourg)

  • Prem Jagadeesh (HCLuxembourg)

  • Leander Ulitzka (HCLuxembourg)

  • Maxime Clarinval (Arlon HC)

  • Giulian Mahy (HCLuxembourg)

HEAD COACH: Ignacio Gómez-Acebo

ASSISTANT COACH: Maxime Halflants

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