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1st tournament - 6th place - 1 trophy and an overall SUCCESS

Eurohockey 5S competition in Bulgaria was the 1st participation ever of a Luxembourg national team in an international hockey competition.

U16 National Team proudly wearing the colours of Luxembourg in Bulgaria

Our team finished at the 6th place and this competition was a HUGE success.


- Luxembourg was the smallest selection with only 8 players which means we couldn’t rotate players as often as other teams which is a significant disadvantage in the rapid 5S formula.

- Luxembourg lost 5-1 against Russia which won in final with a score of 10-1 against Bulgaria. They only score 1 goal against us!

- Our team fought valiantly in all its matches, was sometimes out of luck and some time just exhausted after giving their all.

- Louis Collignon won the trophy of the Best Goal Keeper of the tournament!


- Because the players accumulated experience, observed other teams, learned and fought.

- Because 8 individuals left for Bulgaria and a TEAM with a cohesive mindset came back!

In the coming months, our team will enlarge as some players will get their Luxembourgish nationality. And, after the break, they will shift focus to next year’s U18 tournament in Croatia!

We wish you all a great summer and can’t wait to see our national team back on the pitch in September!

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