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Hockey at school

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You can play hockey anywhere! But wouldn't it be nice to get acquainted with the sport at school? Do you want your school to experience hockey? Or are you a teacher at school, who would like to know how hockey is played and taught? Just send us an email and we will come bye with sticks, balls and a certificated coach to teach you the basic skills. If you like it, we can introduce you to a club, or help you out setting up your own club! 


Hockey is a sport that's played in every European country (at a high level too!). Belgium just became World Champion, for the first time in their existence, while the Netherlands came second.


Hockey is fast, has a high level of skills involved and has really great norms and values to offer. 


Schoolhockey is now being offered to the following schools:

St George's International School

International School Luxembourg

Lycée Vauban


Would you like to try hockey at your school? Let us know and we will come down to meet, set up a program and deliver the materials and coaches to teach you and your teachers.



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