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To get tickets for the Seine River tour, can purchase them at one of the boat's ticket booths or one of the many city travel firms. The tours are offered in both French and English, so before you buy your tickets, double-check the language options. You can get in touch with the boat directly or through a travel agent if you wish to reserve a private charter for your group. Finally, you may take a tethered balloon tour over the city for unmatched vistas of Paris. The tank is 11 metres tall and while tethered by a rope, it can lift up to five persons a specific height off the ground. It's crucial to be aware of when you might need to wear proper clothing for the environment. Cruises on the Seine are often booked from June through September during the summer. Be sure to use the Versailles Place Tour on a clear day and dress appropriately. You'll want to bring a light jacket just in case it's cool out.


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